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About us

We are a young group of “Visionaries in Action” that believe that transformative learning is the key for change.

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Our Vision

Our shared vision is a healthy planet with responsible people living in it who guarantee a good life for all.

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Our principles

Our actions are guided by the principles of Global Learning and Education for Sustainable Development.

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For Multipliers of Change

If you want to further develop your sustainability skills and knowledge and do something meaningful with your time, then join one of our trainings and or/programs!

with your school or university

We provide innovative approaches to convey topics related to climate change or one of the other Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

As a municipality

Your citizens can become even more confident standing up for sustainable development!

Valentina Aversano-Dearborn

Co-Founder and Co-Director

Contact: valentina@forum-via.org

Cecile Marsille

Co-Director and Program Development



Lisanna Kistemaker

Pedagogical Director



Julia Eckert

Social Media and Community-Manager

Contact: julia.eckert@forum-via.org

Jochen Nünning

Digital Facilitator & Remote Collaboration Advisor

Contact: jochen@forum-via.org

Hannah Eckert

Program Development and Project Coordination

Contact: Hannah@forum-via.org

Ginnie Guillen-Hanson

Outreach und Gamification

Contact: Ginnie@forum-via.org

Serafin Gröbner

Strategic Advisor and Program Development

Contact: Serafin@forum-via.org

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Our partners
Bundesministerium für Bildung und Frauen
Center for Global Change and Sustainability
Ecosocial Student Forum
CliMates Austria
forum Nachhaltig Wirtschaften
Patagonia, Inc.
Pilgrim Schools
Seek the Change
Südwind Bildung

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