Our SDG reporters set out to solve exciting challenges together with teachers and students of their partner classes. After solving a sustainability challenge, each challenge becomes a learning unit, which can be integrated into the lesson also by other interested teachers.

Matt & Valentina’s challenges

See the videos to the sustainability challenges below – The associated free learning units can be sent to you!

1st Challenge: From Portland (Oregon) to San Francisco (California)!

2nd Challenge: Strawberry Dream or Strawberry Nightmare?

2nd Challenge: Solution to the “Strawberry” Challenge?

3rd Challenge: Lago de Atitlán (Lake Atitlán), Guatemala – Eco-Village Adventure

3rd Challenge: Solution to the Eco-Village Adventure

4th Challenge: Valentina and Matt in Mountains of Trash

5th Challenge: In Search of Ecotourism

6th Challenge: Sustainability Adventure Abroad and at Home

2nd school year:

1st Challenge: (Ka-)Boom in Mongolia: Mining as a Curse or a Blessing?

2nd Challenge: Chinese Christmas: So where is Santa’s workshop anyways?

3rd Challenge: Airing out the Laundry: The Garment & Textile Industry in SE Asia

4th Challenge: Waste Not, Want Not: Where Did That Old Cell Phone Go, Anyway?

Bernd & Nessa

Sorry, challenges only available in German.

Julia & José

Sorry, challenges only available in German.

Clara & Seraphin

Sorry, challenges only available in German.


Sorry, challenges only available in German.

Hannah & Mathis

Sorry, challenges only available in German.

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