Our Advisory Board

Our amazing advisory board was carefully selected to provide strategic and programmatic guidance and help us to ensure that our programs remain true to its mission of:

  • Empowering high school teachers and youth to become global eco-citizens,
  • Fostering global and virtual collaboration through digital storytelling,
  • Strengthening the visibility of youth voices for environmental and social change in Europe and beyond.

Below we proudly present the members of our advisory board as well as their valuable thematic expertise. The board serves from June 2020 – June 2022 (for details see Terms of Reference below)

Thematic expertise


Youth perspectives

Kiran A. Nieves-Noël (17) high school student of Sustainability Adventure partner school in Lakewood, (WA) USA

Lucie Alpert (15) high school student, Portland, (OR) USA

Sustainability science


Philip Vergragt, Professor Emeritus TU Delft, Co-founder of SCORAI and Future Earth KAN SSCP steering group, USA and The Netherlands

Solution journalism


Tom Llewellyn & Neal Gorenflo (alternating), Shareable, Sustainability Media Outlet, USA;

Sustainable travel

Anna Martinez, West Sweden Tourist Board, Meet the Locals, Sweden

Education for Sustainable Development (ESD), Global Citizenship  & Leadership Education

Sally Winsor, University of Gothenburg, Sweden

Per Myrén, Changemaker AB, digital educations, Sweden

Secondary school pedagogy

Daniela Romeo, Open European high school IGS Süd Frankfurt, Germany  Alumni teacher Sustainability Adventure

Inter-cultural dialogue & inclusive education

Yvonne Rogoll, Teacher and Educational Expert, Regional Center for Cultural Integration NRW, Germany

Martina Huber-Kringler, Professor, Institute of Diversity Studies & International Relations, University College of Teacher Education Styria, Austria

Inclusive climate-friendly cities

Joshua Alpert, Director of special projects, inclusive climate action plan for megacities, C40 cities, Portland, (OR) USA

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