2nd Challenge – Philippines

You can find the Solution Video at the end of this page (mostly in German)

Read below or watch the following video (in German) from Hannah and Mathis to find out what this challenge entails:

“CSI Coral Reef”: Why Are the Corals Dying?

Location & date
The Philippines, April/May 2015

Resources, Climate, Governance, Biodiversity

While diving and snorkeling in the Philippines we had a close look around under the water. In the process we encountered an unbelievable number of corals. In and around them life bubbled and seethed: small, colorful fish, sea horses, moray eels, multi-colored sea snails, as well as sea turtles, sharks, etc. We were even more shocked to find many areas where the corals were dead or dying or where there large holes in the colorful coral reefs were visible. In these places there was hardly any of the otherwise normal colorful activity to be seen.

For that reason we have the following questions for you:


  • What do corals actually do, what purpose do they fulfill?
  • Why are more and more corals dying?
  • What does that mean for humans?
  • What can we do to prevent corals from dying?

striped_fish_greenSkills-oriented goals

  • Promote critical thinking
  • Understand the interconnecedness of our complex eco-systems
  • Raise awareness regarding the impacts of human activity on the environment
  • Make the beauty of the planet and its biodiversity tangible

Connection to the curriculum

  • Topics for the end-of-the-year projects

Useful links and information

  • Documentary on oceans and the impact of humans: “Planet Ocean
    Sequences relating to the topic of corals:
    — 21:11 to 32:00 minutes
    — 1:04:30 to 1:05:40 minutes

We are looking forward to your responses by the 28th of May!


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